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We are looking for volunteers for next year to help with getting programs back into swing. 5th quarter, worship night, weekly youth group meetings. 
We need a few extra hands on volunteers this could involve something as simple as coordinating food, activities, supervising, praying, decorating ...ect.
Contact our office, 309.784.5621 or Facebook page, VCC Student Ministry, if you would like to get involved!

Mark your calendars for our 2024 Vacation Bible School


July 28 - August 2

Times to be Announced

Climb aboard for the best week of the summer!

Call the office if you are interested in volunteering for VBS.

Summer Camp 

What We Are All About

Our Youth Ministries are grounded in the Word of God, and focused on sharing the love of Christ with Pre-Teens, Jr. High and Sr. High Students.  The vision for our Youth Ministries is to focus on 3 things:  Fellowship, Fun and Faith.  


If we can bring a group of young people together and encourage them that life is better when lived together in the community of Christ, show them that the gift of joy is from God, and that their eternity is something to take seriously, then that is what we should do.  


Are we going to be 100% successful, we hope so! We know that, if we do things that are in accordance with the Word of God, do not hinder the Spirit of God, and share the truth of His love, we will find a joy, and fulfillment that leads us down the right path.  We are called the share the Word, and we plan to do just that, one day at a time in these students! 


 Youth Ministry


This ministry is designed specifically to concentrate on 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students.  The goal of this ministry is to share the love of Jesus Christ through Fellowship, Fun, and Faith focused activities.

Pre-teen age is an important age where students are finding their footing, and their identity in this world.  We are committed to share with students the foundation of love Jesus Christ exemplified through His death, burial and resurrection.

VCC Youth For Christ

Designed by Addy Behymer 

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